About Divad Training Ltd

We are who we say we are and we do

what we say we will do with integrity, collaboration and respect.

DIVAD Training Limited (DTL) is an established training provider with a successful track record of delivering work based learning, apprenticeships, and employment programmes by helping individuals and organisations achieve their potential through world-class skills training, talent and learning solutions.
We provide a full range of training, continuous professional development and consultancy services to blue chip companies, public sector bodies and Her Majesty UK Government. DTL portfolio includes successful management and delivery experience of government ESFA and ESF funded apprenticeships, traineeships, adult education budget (AEB), Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) programmes. We work in partnership with colleges, universities and training providers across United Kingdom to identify and deliver employer focussed training opportunities.















Aims & Values

DIVAD TRAINING LIMITED (DTL) is firmly committed to equality of opportunity and to offering impartial advice and guidance to its candidates, learners and clients in a way that is fully embedded within programme delivery. Whilst addressing the training and up-skilling needs of the individual learner, DTL believes in providing training and skills development that enhances the operation of employers and adds value to their bottom line.

Our Purpose

To help organisations achieve their goals by leveraging our collective resources while acting within our values.

Our Mission

  • Strive to exceed organisations expectations
  • Provide honest ‘feedback’
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Hold people accountable for their actions
  • Create value for organisations with out solutions
  • Enter into mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Strive for the greatest good
  • Protect and grow our shareholders investment

Our Value

We are who we say we are and we do what we say we will do with integrity, collaboration and respect


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Public Value Statement

DIVAD TRAINING LIMITED is committed to adding value and enriching the social, economic and physical well-being of the community we serve.














Our Team

Meet our friendly and hard-working team members from Divad Training Limited.

They are always ready to assist and support.

David Joseph


Sarah O'Dwyer

Quality Assurance Lead

Sheree Carlson

Internal Quality Assurer

Estelle Denny

IQA and Training & Development Coach

Janann Zervas

HR & Contracts Administrator

Server Akinci

Quality Administrator

Dhushitha Suresh

Contract Coordinator

Toni Davison

Contract Coordinator

Office Hours

You can get in touch with us Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am to 5pm.


314 Regents Park Road, 
Finchley, London, N3 2JX

Tel:  (+44) 0203 793 4750
Fax: (+44) 0208 626 7066

Email: info@divadtraining.co.uk